Singles Ladder 2015

Ladder play ENDED


You may now challenge up to 3 places above you.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Trial in July and August for singles matches to be played on Monday and Wednesday evening after 8pm is now a permanent ruling.

Following further success last year a singles ladder will again replace the knockout tournament.This year the ladder is open to both men and women with the top 2 men and top 2 women taking part in final matches on Sun 18th October to determine the men and ladies champion. Matches are to be played from 1st May - 11th October

Tournament Organiser: Gary Edwards
Tournament Referee: Linda Davies
Entrants and ladder positions will be updated here and on the club noticeboard,  entrants should receive all contact details by email, tel nos and email addresses are also on the club noticeboard). 

If you are interested in competing in the ladder please contact Gary Edwards, (additional entrants can enter at any time but they will start at the bottom of the ladder).

2015 Mens Ladder Final: Gary Edwards v Matt Grice

Gary will try to regain the singles title which he lost in 2014 when he plays Matt on Sunday 18th October.

2015 Ladies' ladder Final: Linda Clark v Speth Cumpston

2015 Ladder Positions

Updated on: 11/10/2015

Pos. Name Last Pos. Last Match
Last Opponent
1 Gary Edwards 3 11/10 Matt Grice W
 2 Matt Grice   1 11/10  Gary Edwards   L
3 Gilbert Woolley 2 06/10 Saffron Rainey W
4 Saffron Rainey 4 06/10 Gilbert Woolley L
5 David Clough 3 12/09 Saffron Rainey L
6 Keith Grice 8 13/09 Jo Dalietos W
7 Jo Dalietos ** 5 28/09 Speth Cumpston L
8 Speth Cumpston 11 28/09 Jo Dalietos W
9 Linda Clark 11 27/09 Peter Woolley W
10 James Kiel 8 26/09 Linda Clark L
11 Brett Hollywell 7 07/09 Keith Grice L
12 Carolyn Yates 13 02/10 Peter Woolley W
13 Chris Smith 14 04/07 Carolyn Yates L
14 Peter Woolley 14 02/10 Carolyn Yates L
15 Henry Hobson  15       

** 02/10 Jo Dalietos reitred from ladder due to injury

All Results

Date Challenger
Position Challenged
Result (challenger)
04/05 Linda Clark 5 Brett  Hollywell 4 L 6-3 6-4
05/05  David Clough  10  Keith Grice   8 W Keith injured 
05/05 David Clough 8 Gilbert Woolley 7 L 6-1 6-0
09/05 Gilbert Woolley 7 Linda Clark 5 W 6-0 6-0
09/05 Gary Edwards 11 Saffron Rainey 10 W 6-1 6-3
14/05 Gary Edwards 10 David Clough 8 W 6-1 6-1
16/05 Gilbert Woolley 5 Andy Field** 3 W 6-1 Andy injured
19/05 David Clough 9 Speth Cumpston 7 W 6-1 6-2
23/05 Matt Grice 12 Keith Grice 10 W 7-5 6-1
24/05 Gary Edwards 9 Speth Cumpston 8 W 6-1 6-0
 24/05 Jo Dalietos   2 James Kiel  W 4-6 7-5 6-4 
03/06  Gilbert Woolley   3 James Kiel   2 W (match forfeited) 
18/06 Chris Smith 13 Saffron Rainey 11 L 6-1 6-0
21/06 Gary Edwards 7 Linda Clark 5 W 6-0 6-0
21/06 Gilbert Woolley 2 Jo Dalietos 1 W 6-0 6-0
05/06  Dave Clough   7 Linda Clark   W (bye)
05/06  Dave Clough   6 Brett Hollywell  W 6-4 6-4 
01/07  Peter Woolley  14  Chris Smith   13 L 2-6 7-5 6-4
03/07  Gary Edwards   Brett Hollywell  5  W 6-1 6-4
03/07 Saffron Rainey 11 Speth Cumpston 8 W 6-1 6-0
04/07 Chris Smith 13 Carolyn Yates 12 L
09/07 Saffron Rainey 9 Linda Clark 7 W 6-0 6-0
09/07 David Clough 4 Jo Dalietos 2 W 6-0 6-1
11/07 Gary Edwards 5 Jo Dalietos 3 W 6-0 6-0
11/07 Matt Grice 10 Linda Clark 8 W 6-0 6-2
13/07 Keith Grice 11 Speth Cumpston 10 W 6-2 6-2
14/07 Saffron Rainey 7 Brett Hollywell 6 W
18/07 Keith Grice 10 Linda Clark 9 W 6-4 6-0
09/08  Gary Edwards  Gilbert Woolley  L 3-6 3-6 
16/08  Saffron Rainey  James Kiel  W 6-1 6-0 
17/08  Gary Edwards  Dave Clough  W  6-1 6-0
03/09  Speth Cumpston  11  Linda Clark  10  W 6-2 6-2 
03/09 Saffron Rainey   5 Gary Edwards   2 L 6-0 6-2 
05/09 Linda Clark 11 Keith Grice 9 L 6-0 6-3
07/09 Keith Grice 9 Brett Hollywell 7 W 6-4 1-6 1-0
11/09 Saffron Rainey 5 Jo Dalietos 4 W 6-0 6-0
12/09 Matt Grice 9 James Kiel 6 W 6-0 6-1
12/09 Saffron Rainey 4 Dave Clough 3 W 6-3 6-4
13/09 Keith Grice 8 Jo Dalietos 5 W 6-1 6-0
19/09* Matt Grice 7 Saffron Rainey 3 W 7-5 6-0
25/09 Matt Grice 4 Gilbert Woolley 1 W 7-6 6-2
26/09 Linda Clark 11 James Kiel 8 W 6-4 7-5
27/09 Peter Woolley 14 Linda Clark 8 L 7-6 4-6 1-0
28/09 Gary Edwards 3 Gilbert Woolley 2 L 7-5 6-2
28/09* Speth Cumpston 11 Jo Dalietos 7 W 6-0 6-0
02/10 Saffron Rainey 4 Gary Edwards 3 L 6-1 6-3
 02/10 Peter Woolley  14  Carolyn Yates   12 L 3-6 1-6 
06/10  Saffron Rainey   4 Gilbert Woolley   2 L 1-6 2-6 
11/10  Gary Edwards   3 Matt Grice  1 7-6 6-3 

* matches where challenge made before challengee moved up the ladder therefore rule applied whereby if challenger wins, challenger only moves up 3 places and challengee remains in same position.

** Andy Field has withdrawn from the competition due to injury.

The goal of the Oswestry Tennis Club ladder play is to hold one of the top two men positions or one of the top two ladies positions on the ladder on the last day of play – 11th October  2015. The top two men will have earned the right to challenge each other on Club Finals Day for the Men’s Single’s Cup and the top two ladies will have earned the right to challenge each other on Club Finals Day for the Ladies Single’s Cup. Also, other goals are to provide an opportunity to play more singles matches, meet some new players, and get a chance to work on improving their tennis game and to have fun. All players will have volunteered to participate in the programme, therefore, please display good sportsmanship by adhering to the guidelines set to govern fair play. 

The season will run from May 1st 2015 to 11th October 2015 inclusive with Finals Day set for Sunday 18th October  2015.

Entrants must be a current, fully-paid member of Oswestry Tennis Club.

Starting placements on the ladder will be based on seedings as determined by the tournament referee – the top seeded player will start at the bottom of the 2015 ladder, second seed will start second bottom etc. This encourages a broader spectrum of challenges to be made over the season. A member may join the ladder at any time after commencement but will join it at the bottom.

Each player must provide a telephone number (preferably mobile) and if possible an email address where he/she can easily be reached for setting up matches - the ability to text arrangements would be beneficial to the smooth running of the tournament.

The challenging player is responsible for contacting, challenging and setting up a match. The challenger must supply 4 new or good quality balls for their match.

Matches are to be the best of three sets. The first two sets will have a tie-break played at 6-6 first to 7 points, win by two clear points. The third set is to be a  championship tie-break - first to 10 points, win by two clear points.

Match results are to be sent by email to the Ladder Referee, Linda Davies @ preferably immediately but not later than 2 days after the match was played.  They are also to be copied to Gary Edwards @ . It is the responsibility of the winner to submit the scores and the result for inclusion by Linda on the Tournaments pages on the Oswestry Tennis Club website @ and for Gary to alter the positions if necessary on the ladder displayed in the clubhouse.

The Ladder Referee maintains the ladder standings, interprets, and enforces the rules and settles disputes. It must be remembered at all times that she is a volunteer. If a player fails to show or cancels without giving 24 hrs notice he will forfeit the match. A grace period of 30 minutes will be allowed for late arrival.

A player may only challenge a player up to 3 places above them.  For example, if you are #7, you may challenge players #6 and #5 and #4. You may not challenge #3  #2 or #1 or any player below your position. (Rule change wef 21/08/2015)

If a challenger wins the match, the challenger takes their opponent's position on the ladder while the opponent drops down one position, unless the opponent’s position has moved so that he/she starts the challenge in a position more than three places ahead in which case the challenger just moves up three places and the opponent remains in his previous position. This situation may occur where the opponent has made a challenge themself which has been played and won before the match against the challenger has been fulfilled.

If the challengee wins, no movement results.

The challengee must respond to a challenge within 24 hours after being challenged (providing the challenger has actually spoken to the challengee and not left a message) and schedule a mutually convenient date and time within fourteen days of the challenge or give a default. If a challenge is made within the last fortnight of play then the challengee should make every effort to fulfil the challenge but it must be appreciated that they may not be able to do so in the time-scale in which case the challenge is voided.

If you challenge someone in person, by email or via phone (not by just leaving messages but by actually talking to them) and they do not consent to schedule a match with you, then the match is forfeited by the challengee.

A player may make only one challenge at a time. A second challenge may be made only after the first is played. However, if someone challenges you, you must accept the challenge even if you have already challenged someone else and not yet played the match. This challenge can be played before the match where you are being challenged if wanted.

If a player makes a challenge and loses the match, the player must wait seven days before re-challenging the same player, they are however free to challenge an alternative player. However if a player makes a challenge and wins but does not overtake the challengee due to the maximum three place rise then they can challenge the same person again immediately if their new position gets them to
within three places of the challengee on the ladder.

A player may not accept more than one challenge at a time. The first match must be played before the second challenge can be accepted. The challengee should tell the challenger(s) that he/she has already accepted a challenge, and as a courtesy, give the
challenger(s) the name of the first challenger and the date set for the match.  However, a player may make a challenge even though they have already accepted a challenge and may play it first if so wished.

Each competitor must play at least one match (subject to matters outside of their control) either as a challenger or challengee in each of the following blocks or be relegated to the bottom of the league:

1st May to Sun 21st June 2015 
22nd June to Sun 9th August 2015 
10th August to Sun 11th October 2015

You can download a copy of these rules here Tennis Ladder rules 2015  

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