Men's Doubles Fixtures, Teams and Results

Summer Doubles 2015        
The club is again entering 2 teams in this years  summer doubles league. The men's 2nd team were winners of their division last year and so are promoted into division 6N in 2015. The 1st team just missed out on promotion and are playing in division  5N. The teams play their home matches on a Thursday. If you are interested in playing for the teams please contact the team captains.

Mens 1st team are Division 5 champions

 Well done to captain Saffron and his team.

Men's 1st Team: Division 5N       Played 8 Won 8 Lost 0 

Captain: Saffron Rainey

Squad: Saffron Rainey, Gary Edwards, Matt Grice, Ciaron Moran

Fixture Date
 Monday 20th April
 Market Drayton 2 (Away)
W 3-1 (7 points) 
 Tuesday 5th May
 Hollies 2 (Home)
W 4-0 (8 points)   
 Tuesday 19th May
 Baschurch 1 (Home)
W 3-1 ( 7 points)   
 Thursday 28th May
 High Ercall 3 (Away)
W 4-0 (8 points)   
 Thursday 11th June
 High Ercall 2 (Away)
W 4-0 (8 points)   
Tuesday 16th June   Hanmer  1 (Home) W 4-0 (8 points) 
 Tuesday 23rd June
 Norton-in-Hales 2 (Home)
W 2-2 (6 points)    
 Wednesday 15th July
 Bomere Heath 1 (Home)
W 4-0 (8 points)    

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Men's 2nd Team: Division 6N   Played 7 Won 3 Lost 4

Captain: Dave Clough

Squad: Dave Clough, Ben Syrett-Judd, Andy Field, Brett Hollywell and Gilbert Woolley

Fixture Date
 Tuesday 28th April
 Hinstock 1 (Home)
L 1-3 (1 Point) 
 Wednesday 29th April
 Shrewsbury 5 (Away)
W 4-0 (8 Points)   
Tuesday 12th May  Wem 3 (Away)  W 3-1 (7 Points)
 Tuesday 26th May
 Hollies 3 (Home)
W 4-0 (8 points)   
 Tuesday 9th June
 Wollerton 1 (Home)
L 2-2  ( 2 points)   
 Monday 8th June (resch)
 Boughey Gardens 5 (Away)
L 1-3 (1 point)    
 Tuesday 7th July
 Criftins 3 (Away)
L 2-2 (3 points) on games    
 Tuesday 4th August
 Lilleshall 1 (Home)    

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