Handicap Doubles Tournament 2015

The club are running a new competition this year in the form of a handicap mixed doubles. The draw for 2015 was completed in April and this page will show the draw, the rules and the latest results. Semi-finals to be played in September and the final will be played on finals day, Sunday 18th October.

Both semi-finals have now been played - Anthea & Gary will play Carolyn & Matt on Sunday 18th October. 

ROUND 1 (to be played by 31st July)

  Pair   H/cap   Pair  H/cp   Result
 1 Linda Clark & Lorenzo +15/0  Rose Butler & Dave Armstrong  7-5 4-6 4-1 
 2 Helen Lowe & Craig Nurse  +15/0 v Linda Davies & Gilbert  Woolley -15  6-4 6-8 2-4 
Michelle Braden & James Kiel +15  v Carol Johnson & Keith Grice  0/-15  1-6 1-6 
 4 Jeanne Craggs & John Hewett  v Anthea Landon & Gary Edwards 3-6 3-6 
 5 Nicola Hughes & Saffron Rainey  0 Chris Whittingham & Huw Lloyd  +15/0  6-3 6-3 
 6 Carol Slater & Andy Field  Jo Dalietos & Dave Clough  0 5-7 1-6 
 7 Speth Cumpston & Nick Elliot  v Alice Francis & Richard Bryant  +15 3-6 6-1 4-0 
 8 Carolyn Yates & Matt Grice  -15  Julie Phillips & Brett Holywell  6-1 6-3 

Lisa Jones replaced by Carolyn Yates and handicap amended to -15 (11/07/2015)

Results updated 01/10/2015

Quarter-Finals (to be played by 31st August)

  Pair  H/cap    Pair  H/cap  Result 
Linda Clark & Lorenzo +15/0   Linda Davies & Gilbert Woolley -15  1-6 2-6 
10 Carol Johnson & Keith Grice  0/-15   v Anthea Landon & Gary Edwards  0 3-6 2-6 
11  Nicola Hughes & Saffron Rainey  v Jo Dalietos & Dave Clough  0 0-6 6-2 4-0 
12  Speth Cumpston & Nick Elliot
 v Carolyn Yates & Matt Grice  -15 1-6 6-8

Semi-Finals (to be played by 30th September)

  Pair  H/cap    Pair  H/cap  Result 
1st Semi-Final Linda Davies & Gilbert Woolley -15   Anthea Landon & Gary Edwards 2-6 5-7 
2nd Semi-Final Nicola Hughes & Saffron Rainey 0  v Carolyn Yates & Matt Grice -15 8-10 2-6

Final (to be played at Club Finals Day on 18th October)

  Pair  H/cap    Pair  H/cap  Result 
Final Anthea Landon & Gary Edwards 0 Carolyn Yates & Matt Grice -15

Competition Format and Rules   

  • Each pairing will be assigned a handicap score to start each game from and this is to be used throughout the tournament 
  • If opponents handicaps are the same and both couples agree the match can be played from ‘love all’ with no handicap  
  • Each match will be the best of two long sets (no tie breaks) and one deciding short set      
  • In the event of the score reaching one set all then a ‘short set’ of maximum 7 games will be played to decide the winners. 
  • First pair to win 4 games wins the match – handicaps still to apply.     
  • At the start of each new set either partner can choose to be the First Server of the pairing.   
  • When you have completed your match write your scores on the Draw Sheets on the notice board and the winners to email organiser Gary Edwards at gary.jill7@gmail.com.  After round one the winning pair proceeds on the main draw sheet and the losing pair is eliminated from the tournament.   
  • It is the responsibility of the pairing shown highest (first) on the Draw Sheet to arrange the fixture and to provide a set of good quality balls.    
  • Each round will have a target completion date to aid the timely progress of the tournament.     
  • Entries to the tournament on the notice board or by email to gary.jill7@gmail.com by Tues 14th April. Draw to determine partners and placement on Draw sheet to be made by 29th April and play will start 1st May.    
  • The Final will be held on Club Finals Day which is scheduled for Sunday  18th October.

Guide to handicaps

      Handicap           Explanation 
     -15  Start every game at -15
     0 /-15  First 2 games start at love, next 2 games start at -15, next 2 games start at love ......     
      0 Start every game at love 
    +15 / 0 First 2 games start at +15, next 2 games start at love, next 2 games start at +15 ......
    +15 Start every game at +15 
  • If both doubles pairs have the same handicap and both pairings agree, then matches can be played without using the handicap
  • scoring.  
  • Serving starts from the Advantage court side for games starting from -15 and +15,( unless opposition are also at -15 or +15)
  • Best of two long sets (no tiebreaks) and one short set (best of 7 games).   
  • At the start of each new set either partner can choose to be the First Server of the pairing

The draw, rules and handicap guide can be downloaded here:


Tournament rules.

Handicap Guide

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